The Pen Brothers: Two kids who still like ink pens

Readers, you know how we hear all the time that kids just don’t use pens anymore? Well, you have to check out these two boys who have dubbed themselves the “Pen Brothers” and started their own YouTube channel to teach pen modifications.

hey appear to be about 10 or 12 and go by “Caesar” and “Camel 722.” And they’re absolutely charming — when Camel loses his grip on a pen, you can hear a muttered, “Darn it” coming from him — as they explain how to do things as simple as snipping off the end of a Paper Mate to make a “tiny” pen.

Granted, readers, the modifications are likely far too basic for you to bother with them, as Caesar explains several times, experienced modders should not bother watching, but the pair are so earnest and obviously interested in pens that it makes the videos worth watching.

They started the channel just after Christmas and, so far, have racked up almost 1,300 views of their videos.

We highly recommend checking out the Pen Brothers and maybe leaving them a little note of encouragement just so they know that their efforts are appreciated. After all, how often do we see kids getting excited over ink pens these days?

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