Uni-ball Signo Scents Review

If pens had a personality I would class gel pens as easy going.  I have always found them comfortable to use no matter how long for, the ink always flows well & produces vivid text on the page.

Having just put the Uni-ball Signo Scents under the proverbial microscope, I have been impressed by the range of vibrant colours.  When it comes to the sniff factor, for me, they didn’t all come up to scratch, more on that shortly.

Signo Scents

The Signo scents are regular stick pens, they have a colour coded plug at one end & cap with Signo logo at the other.  When it comes to colour I don’t consider there is anything regular about these pens, I think all 10 colours are all vibrant & would add interest to any diary, journal or note book.

Thinking about their uses, whilst I like the convenience of digital files, I still love to keep an old fashioned photo album.   Theres nothing nicer than flicking through the pages on a cold Winters day reminiscing about old times in sunnier climes.   I found the strawberry & orange pens worked really well on dark paper & look forward to trying out a few more in my latest album.

As promised back to the sniff factor.  This range comes in sweety & fruity scents, they have a medium 0.8mm tip that writes a 0.5mm line, maybe its me but I found the coconut felt finer than some of the other colours.  Here is my verdict pen by pen


Cola Black – I was unable to smell anything

Cherryade Red – did have a scent

Soda Blue – a very sugary smell, as I can’t be sure how soda should smell, give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Mint Green – yes this smells a bit like Polo’s to me

Bubblegum Pink – my top marks on the scent front, most definitely bubblegum


Strawberry Pink – fruity but not the smell I expect from strawberries

Pineapple Yellow – again does smell fruity but not what I expect of pineapple

Coconut Brown – just a hint but another positive

Orange – I’m starting to wonder about my sense of smell now, all I note is a fruity aroma, nothing citrus

Blueberry – this smells just like my herbal tea

Well I am more used to testing the fragrances you are likely to find on the ground floor of department stores than on pens & paper, but it was a fun exercise.  Although very basic & not in the least bit scientific my test has taken time, I have left the caps off whilst jumping from one (flavour) to the next & I’m pleased to say none of the pens have dried out leaving me to conclude that whilst Signo scents maybe not the best pens for the office, they are certainly fun to have around & I can imagine them having fans of all ages for different reasons.  I’d probably guess that children would be the majority but it wouldn’t be the first time I was proved wrong.

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    • Hi, unfortunately, these were discontinued by Uni-ball quite some time ago, so I don’t think they are available anymore.


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