Uni-ball Signo UM120-SP Sparkling Silver Gel Ink Pen Review

People have collected labels, newspaper clippings & greetings card for generations, the tradition of scrap booking is said by some to go right back to the seventeenth century.

Today you can find a huge number of tools, pens & markers for arts & crafts. As you would expect from a leading manufacturer for well over a century, Uni-ball offer a number of markers & pens including the Signo UM-120 SP, a gel rollerball that is available in a range of 8 different sparkling colours.

Uni Ball UM 120SP Sparkling Silver

These pens contain a pigment ink that is waterproof & fadeproof writing a smooth line. The medium tip is tungsten carbide making for a durable & solid writing experience, although I found myself having to re-do some of the text exuded from the silver ink pen as it was sometimes difficult to see, even on dark paper. The Uni-ball Signo UM-120 is also available in sparkling gold, orange, blue, green, pink, red & violet. I didn’t have any of these to hand but its very likely that this issue won’t affect them in the same way.

Members of the Arts & Crafts movement established in 1888, had to content themselves with brightly coloured wallpapers & the like to fill their albums, in 2014 we are spoilt for choice when it comes to creative pursuits.

If you are anything like Mark Twain, apparently an avid fan of scrap booking, such was his addiction to the pastime he dedicated Sundays to the hobby, you may well be adding this sparking gel pen to your collection.

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