Uni-ball UB-187 Vision Needle 0.7mm Review

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not gifted with the lightest of touches when it comes to writing. When I read that the Uni-ball Vision needle
UB-187 apparently has an almost unbreakable tip it was like music to my ears.

Uni Ball 187 Black

So how did this extra strong rollerball perform? Well, the 0.7mm tip emitted a smooth stream of waterproof pigment ink (Uni Super Ink) which is renowned for being tamper proof & resistant to water. Watching ink dry has become a strange new pastime since I’ve been reviewing pens, today is no different & as I scrutinised the damp blue line touching the page I noticed it dry almost before I had finished writing the next word.

Never one to be interested in studying shorthand or speedwriting, instead over the years I’ve developed the knack of writing at the speed of thought, albeit a little untidily. This is all very well so long as I don’t need somebody else to read my script, this little fact is something I’m frequently reminded of by loved ones. Anyway, I was able to put speed to the test with this Uni Vision Needle when checking out Uni-Ball’s claims that its jet stream system gives a super fast writing experience. Apparently the speed of writing is aided by decreased friction from the ink delivery system & lubrication of the rollerball. I can report that this gel ink pen managed to keep up with my thoughts leaving a smooth smudge free block
of text on the page. Larger ink particles are said to ensure that the vibrancy remains, reducing the tendency to fade.

The Uni-ball vision needle UB 187 is available in 8 colours, as well as the standard black & blue these include a vibrant orange, wine & violet.

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