Uniball Signo Scents: Gel Pens that Smell Like Bubblegum and Blueberries

We heard from Uniball this morning that there is a new range of gel pen coming to the UK. The Signo Scents line are rollerball pens with, just like the name says, scented ink.

They will come in 10 distinctive aromas, including Strawberry Pink, Orangey Orange, Blueberry Blue, Pineapple Yellow, Coconut Brown, Cola Black, Soda Blue, Cherryade Red, Bubblegum Pink and Mint Green.

Signo ScentsA Uniball spokesman said the pens are based on the standard Signo gel – which means stick-pen design, clear plastic barrel, and cap and end plug that matches the ink – but the ink colours will be slightly different because of the added scent. They write a .05 mm line.

“We hope that by making the pens smell sweet and fruity, we can help develop the enjoyment of writing to further strengthen our foothold in the writing instruments market,” Stuart Barker, marketing manager at Mitsubishi Pencil Company, the parent of Uniball, said in a press release.

According to the company spokesman, the pens will only be available in the UK and should be at most major retailers by May. A Signo Scents website will go live March 15.

Uniball’s Twitter account carried a brief mention Thursday that there is some sort of competition coming up in which you can win Signo Scents.

The Signo gels are known as smooth and consistent writers, so we’re really looking forward to trying these out. Probably won’t be the best pens for work (who could concentrate on a meeting over the smell of blueberries?) but would make fun school and at-home pens for occasional use.

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  1. i think their good pens but at shcool i find them missing.2 have gone missing and they are bubble gum and mint. my faorites.i’m not allowed to buy them again and i also fing people using me for them then asking me and me not having a proper friendship with people.i dont find this fair.i wish they could be send or brought to me for my loss.thanks for reading.:(-i did the face because im only 9.

  2. I think about food too much while I’m working as it is, I think the constant fruity scent would destroy any concentration I still have 😀


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