Zebra Launches the Limited Edition Union Jack Z-Grip Pen

Zebra is a company that likes to have fun with its pens, especially the versatile and reliable Z-Grip ballpoint.

Over the years, we’ve seen Z-Grips come in a range of colors, from fuchsia to orange, and in wild animal prints, including cheetah spots and bright tiger stripes. Always with the same sturdy barrel, comfortable grip and smooth writing we’ve come to expect from Zebra pens, even the low-priced ballpoints.

Z Grip RT BP Zebra Union Jack Triple

Now, to celebrate the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London, the Japanese pen maker is giving us a limited edition Z-Grip ballpoint pen emblazoned with the Union Jack.

(More on the official flag of the United Kingdom.)

The 1.0 mm pens will have the usual metal clips and soft rubber grips of regular Z-Grips, and come in either white, blue, or red barrels. White barrels have black ink, blues have blue and reds have red.

The Union Jack Zebra Z-Grips are expected to ship in January. We don’t know yet how many will be available or for how long.

But we definitely can’t wait to get our hands on some.

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