Can a person have too many pens?

This is a question I sometimes ask myself when tidying my desk for the umteenth time. When I mentioned it recently to a friend she replied you don’t have too many pens you just don’t write enough! Never thought of it that way maybe she has a point.

It turns out that I am not the only one with too many pens, Arofexdracona posted a fantastic video showing off her pen collection on YouTube and boy does she have a lot of pens,


There’s so much written about the demise of handwriting as we use technology more & more. This is brought more to our attention this year the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, as this ancient document stands the test of time its clear that the ability to put pen to paper still has a place in 2015.

Some of the benefits of writing by hand include helping your focus. It’s easier to concentrate sitting with a pen & paper. When writing at a computer the temptation to flick from emails, facebook & the like can be almost impossible to ignore.

As well as being a workout for your hand research suggests that engaging your motor skills helps with memory & it’s also a good cognitive exercise & helps keep the brain sharp.

Despite some citing the death of handwriting by technology, organisations like the National Handwriting Association exist to raise awareness. If like us you still like using pens & pencils, this charity runs courses & events & has lots of advice available through its web site from things like handwriting case studies to a list of practical books that can be purchased for a small fee.

There are also events like World Stationery Day to be held on 29th April which will celebrate the power of the written word. This is part of National Stationery Week, a leading trade exhibition in the UK. Last year saw libraries taking part in a writing competition, lesson plans were compiled aiming to inspire schools to get involved, it was deemed to be a great success generating in excess of £5 million worth of media coverage. This years event will take place between 27th April & 3rd May & with organisers aiming to get people talking about writing & their favourite products I doubt too many pens will be a topic of conversation.

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