Gentleman’s Gazette Offers Comprehensive Look At Pelikan Pens

Fans of Pelikan fountain pens definitely should check out this in-depth recommendation of Pelikan by the folks at Gentleman’s Gazette.

The guide to classic men’s style introduces Pelikan fountain pens as being “at least as good” as the Montblanc Meisterstuck. Of course, some people might consider them even better.

Gentlemans Gazette

In the article, writer Franz-Joseph Geidel dips into the history of the Pelikan company – including one interesting bit about how Pelikan and Montblanc worked together in the beginning – before going on to explore the pens themselves.

Pelikan Souveran M300

He covers a range of Pelikan fontain pens, from the Souveran M300 to the high-end Toledo. He also makes recommendations on nib sizes, and offers tips for choosing the right first pen.

Pelikan Toledo

All in all, highly recommended reading, especially for some of the vintage ads.

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