Pentel EnerGel X 0.7 – Review

Hear the mention of the 3 R’s & I automatically think of school, reading writing & arithmetic. An idiom I’ve always found odd as only one word begins with an R.

Today, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is a phrase known as the 3 R’s of the environment & makes much more sense to me, which leads on nicely to the review of the Pentel EnerGel X Bl 107.

Pentel Eneregel X 07

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As part of the Pentel Recycology range of which products are said to made from a minimum of 50% recycled material, the EnerGel X can boast an impressive 84% salvaged material has gone into its making.

A retractable gel pen with a 0.7mm ball & a transparent barrel which replicates the shade of the ink, these pens are available in 4 colors (black, blue, red & violet) & can be used time after time when using LR7 refills.

With regards to performance, the violet hue from the pen in my grip was wet as it hit the page, I did find the ink to be quick-drying & it flowed well as it moved across the page. Maybe a result of the ink being forwarded directly from the refill as unlike liquid ink EnerGel products doesn’t have regulators to control the ink flow. Leaving the technicalities aside, I can imagine that left-handed users would get on well with it, & the archival qualities of the acid-free ink are another benefit.

The rubber grip section was easy going & the rows of neat wave-like grooves ensured a non-slip writing session. Something I couldn’t resist doing was a simple water resistance test, & can report that after a few splashes a messy smudge was the result, but that’s about the only negative comment I can make, definitely a pen I’ll be adding to my desk tidy.

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  1. Thanks for correcting me Matt, I took the colours from Pentel’s site, but note that we have them in pink & sky blue too.

  2. Pen is available in Green as well. As a lefty, I have had no problems with smudging on most paper. Solid knock with no give or wobbling pen-point while writing. The pens seem to have a decent lifespan.


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