Pentel Oh! Gel Rollerball – K497

What a strange name for a pen. Music comes to mind more than writing looking at this rollerball.

When it comes down to performance the Pentel Oh! Gel Rollerball does have a constant ink flow. As I write it doesn’t skip, the blue ink (also available in black & red) is sharp & crisp. The rubber grip which incidentally is latex free was a little disappointing. IMO it was lacking in the soft squishy feel of many such grips, hence I didn’t find it particularly comfortable to hold.

Pentel Oh Gel

The clip is very sturdy with a tight fit that keeps it close to the barrel. This did make it a little difficult trying to clip it to a notepad. Mine was a cheap everyday scribble pad so it didn’t matter that it tore a couple of pages, however if I’d had the same problem with a journal or desk diary I wouldn’t have been best pleased!

The appearance of this Pentel is not too bad, the black & grey hexagonal pattern on the barrel does get a second look & the chrome coloured pocket clip is sleek. The things that spoil it for me are the blue band separating the barrel from the grip section & the push button (also blue), had the entire pen been black it would look more expensive. I do appreciate that this is colour coded with the ink.

All in all taking everything into account, the writing experience was good. The Acid free permanent gel ink did lay down a neat line from the 0.7mm tip.  As I’ve said the pocket clip is robust, add to that the co-operative retractable mechanism & fact that this rollerball can be refilled there are more positives than negatives to write about.

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