Staedtler Elance Facette Review

At the risk of repeating myself (I’ve mentioned before) that these days I usually reach for a rollerball before any other kind of writing implement. So with that in mind, having a Staedtler Elance Facette to review was a bit of a novelty.  This ballpoint has an attractive metal effect  design its retractable & can be refilled.Given the appearance of this pen I was surprised by how light it was to hold, the stylish metallic barrel has been manufactured in a guilloche design (a repetitive pattern with an engraved effect) gave me the impression that it would be hefty.  Instead it felt light & comfortable in my grip.

Staedtler Elance Facette

My writing was effortless, the indelible blue ink in the Jumbo P458 refill left no trace of blobs, smudges or skips on the page. If you prefer to use different colour ink you could try a range of standard Parker refills. With the added protection of being waterproof & chemical resistant I’d be more than happy to use it on contracts or cheques.

The metal tip and push button clip which is incorporated with a smartly shaped pocket clip  elegantly engraved with the logo, are a bright & shiny chrome that compliments the gunmetal grey barrel nicely.

As leading manufacturers of fine writing instruments with the aim to promote scientific research, I was not surprised that this Staedtler performed so well or that the quality & functionality of the Elance Facette has apparently achieved an iF design certificate, these awards are recognised by many worldwide as being amongst the most important for innovation.

I like to choose my pens depending upon the occasion & my mood of the day. In my humble opinion, whilst the the Staedtler Elance Facette doesn’t have a high end price tag, it wouldn’t look out of place in business meetings or around the corporate table, its not funky or trendy but I think it has a sophisticated air about it.

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