Pilot Rexgrip Begreen 0.7mm Ballpoint Pen Review

Having previously reviewed the Pilot Rexgrip BPRG10RM and the Pilot V Board Master recycled white board marker, I am now taking the opportunity of putting a Pilot Rexgrip through its paces, let’s see how they compare.

Pilot Begreen Rexgrip ballpoint pen

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Part of the Pilot Begreen range of recycled pens the Pilot Rexgrip 0.7 is a retractable ballpoint with a soft grip section that merges nicely into a translucent red barrel which is made from 77.7% recycled materials.  The rubberized grip is split into two petal-shaped sections, each containing a couple of windows that display the translucent body making for an agreeable contrast.  Supplied with a fine 0.7mm tip writing a 0.27mm line, this pen can also be used with Pilot RFJSGPF refills.  All ballpoints in the Rexgrip Begreen range have oil-based ink that Pilot claims to be advanced & conducive to fluid writing, they are available in blue, black, or red.


Right from the start of my writing sample, I found this pen skipped the odd letter when held at certain angles.  The fact that its made from almost 80% recycled material may provide some compensation to any eco-warriors with a literary bent, for me, I’m not too sure. I didn’t encounter any issues with blots on the page leaving smudges & snails trails, that was a positive. I was also happy in the knowledge that the strong tungsten carbide ball can withstand the toughest wear & tear.  This is a feel-good factor for someone as heavy-handed with their pens as I am & didn’t give me cause for concern when left rattling around in my tardis of a handbag.


In contrast to the medium tip reviewed previously, I found this 0.7 Rexgrip which Pilot class as fine-tipped, did not perform as well when held at all angles, leading to a few minor skipping issues.  This is just my personal view that may or may not be held by the next person. I also found it had the same annoying rattle when the tip was protracted.  On a positive note, it is a bright fun looking reasonably priced environmentally friendly pen.


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