Pilot Rexgrip Ballpoint Pen Review Medium Tip (BPRG10RM)

I have always made a point of keeping a pen & paper in my car.  This morning, I was pleased to be able to reach into my glove compartment & pick up a Pilot Rexgrip.  Whilst taking a steady drive to the shops, somebody decided to try to park in my boot.

Details taken & not too much damage done, I thought that as I haven’t reviewed the Rexgip before I would bring it home & put it to the test.

Pilot Rexgrip BP M Black

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One of 20 products in the Begreen range, this pen is made from materials that are over 77% recycled.  Pilot likes to make the point that none of the products in this range are any more expensive than those in non-recycled ranges.

I found the medium tip comfortable to hold & thought the bright electric blue barrel was attractive.  The comfort grip integrated well into the barrel & nib housing the 1.0mm tip.  The Rexgrip is also available in red & black & an alternative fine 0.7mm tip, they are also refillable.

So how did it fare in the writing stakes? Pretty much as I would expect a ballpoint in this price range to perform.  I’ve already said I found it comfortable to hold, it did write well at all angles & didn’t smudge.  The oil-based waterproof ink is said to lend itself to soft & fluid writing, I would say it did that quite well.  On a negative note, I did find the fact that the retractable tip rattled whilst being moved around a little annoying.

When it comes to ballpoints, I still find that I am happy to write at some length with my old & trusted Waterman, which although not in the realms of Montblanc has served me well over the years.

I must say, however, that I am finding many of the reasonably priced pens with soft & rubberized grips that are around, offer a really good alternative.  It’s also nice not to have to worry too much if you mislay one now & again.

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