Uni-Ball Gel Impact RT Broad UMN-152S Review

This Uni-ball Gel Impact has a broad 1.0mm ball.  My first impression was that the black, silver & smokey grey barrel looked stylish.  It is complimented by the silver nib housing & the rubber grip is comfortable to hold.

As the ink in gel pens is opaque & thick it tends to write a bold clear line, I liked the fact that the black ink was very intense.

Uni Ball UMN 152S Black


I have read a few reviews, which to be honest have made me wonder if I have been writing with a rogue pen.  What leads me to that conclusion? Well, people are saying that

The 1.00mm bold line is not too thick

It increases the quality of your handwriting

The flow of ink is smooth & effortless

Well maybe the first statement is fair, I appreciate that I do have reasonably large handwriting, but the 1.0mm tip on this pen produced a bold 0.6mm line, which I felt made the text look too heavy.  With this in mind I move to the next point & can’t agree that the quality of my writing was improved in any way.

This review seems to be turning out to have somewhat of a negative slant, however I need to report that when writing a different angles the pen did keep skipping.  Some manufacturer’s are said to have had trouble with skipping in gel pens, an issue they have tried to address by using dye or water based inks.  Uni-ball ink is waterbased, thicker & pigmented which is supposed to produce a smoother writing experience.

The Uni-ball Gel Impact is also available in blue & red, all three have colour coded ink windows & are refillable.  The clip is spring loaded & the nib automatically retracts when clipped to your pad or pocket, a nice idea & a positive factor, I am pleased to add to the review.

Despite not being overly impressed with the appearance of the text, this uni-ball was comfortable to use, didn’t smudge or smear & the smooth grip made for a non slip writing experience.

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