The Complete Guide to Paper Mate Refills

Are you unsure which Paper Mate pen refill you need?

Finding refills for your Paper Mate pen can be a little difficult as they only supply refills for the Paper Mate profile pens on their website.

However, other manufacturers supply refills that fit older Paper Mate Pens.

Read on to find out if a refill is available for your Paper Mate Pen.

1. Paper Mate Lubrigide Refills

Papermate Lubriglide Refills

Sadly, Paper Mate stopped manufacturing their Lubriglide refills a long time ago. They were a unique size & shape that only fitted certain Paper Mate ballpoint pens and were available in four different tip sizes, F, M, B, & XB, with black or blue ink.

One of the most popular alternatives for the Paper Mate Lubriglide refill is the Schneider Express 225 ballpoint pen refill.

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It has a medium tip and is available in black, blue, or red ink colors.

Generally speaking, this refill is suitable for refilling most Paper Mate pens that use  PaperMate Lubriglide refill.

Check out our Complete Guide to Schneider Pen Refills for more information.

Although it does not fit every pen, the only way to find out is to try one and see.

There are also several alternative Paper Mate Lubriglide refills for sale on They are only available with a medium tip and in black and blue ink.

Paper Mate Lubriglide Refills Fit the following pens:

  • Paper Mate Aspire Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Double Heart Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Dynagrip RT 30 Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Dynagrip RT 50 Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Dynagrip RT 80 Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate PHD Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Silhouette Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Turboglide Pens
  • Paper Mate Ultra Ballpoint Pens
  • Paper Mate Vintage Ballpoint Pens (sometimes)

2. Paper Mate Profile Refills

Papermate Profile Refills

Paper Mate Profile refills have a medium 1.0mm tip and are available in black or blue ink.

These refills fit Paper Mate Profile ballpoint pens and are supplied as a pack of two refills.

Paper Mate Profile refills are a standard size refill known as a Japan-type refill that complies with ISO standard 1257.

Most of the leading Japanese pen manufacturers use this type of refill in their pens. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Pen Refills for more information.

Therefore, many alternative refills are available for Paper Mate Profile pens.

3. Paper Mate FlexGrip Elite and Paper Mate Ultra Ballpoint Refills

Papermate Flexgrip Refills

Paper Mate used to make refills for both these pens but sadly, they now class both pens as disposable.

The refills are Japan-type, so if you absolutely must refill it, then it is not impossible. All Japan-type refills are 3mm in diameter with a crimped section up from the tip that acts as a spring stop.

The critical thing to look out for will be the length, as it needs to be 140mm long for the push button to work and the refill to be held securely in the barrel.

4. Paper Mate G-Force, Titanium, X-Tend Ballpoint Pen Refills.

Papermate G Force Refills

The Paper Mate G-Force, PHD Multi, Titanium, and X-Tend Ballpoint Pen Refills are also Japan refills.

They may be tricky to source, but you are looking for a refill approximately 96.8mm in length.

5. Paper Mate Inkjoy Refills

Papermate Inkjoy Refills

The original Paper Mate Inkjoy pens were ballpoint pens, with the 100st being a capped disposable pen.

The Inkjoy 300RT, 500RT & 700Rt are retractable pens with a Japan-type refill.

To see the full range of Paper Mate pens, check out our Complete Guide to Paper Mate Pens for more information.

Unfortunately, Paper Mate stopped making refills for Inkjoy ballpoint pens and now classes them as disposable pens.

No available refills are available from any other manufacturer that fits Inkjoy ballpoint pens.

Paper Mate recently introduced Inkjoy gel pens, and they used to supply refills for these, but they have now stopped making refills for these pens also.

6. Where Can I Buy Cheap Paper Mate Refills

The best place to buy cheap Papermate refills is on Amazon, as you are probably looking for an alternative Paper Mate Lubriglide refill.

Buy Paper Mate Refills on Amazon

Several refills, including the Schneider Express 225, are available with low delivery costs.

If you also have a different brand of pen, check out Pen Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.

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  1. Good afternoon and “Happy new year.”

    Please help me find refills for retractable pens that I receive from my financial advisor’s firm. If you like, I can provide a marked-up screen shot that clearly identifies what I need. The screen shot is of under “Japan Type Ballpoint Refill,” the second refill down in the group of refills.

    The refill is 106 mm L x 3 mm diam with crimps 30 mm from the tip. I want blue and / or black ink with _fine_ points. If fine points are not available, medium points will do.


  2. Hello
    I am looking for a Schneider refill that will be compatible with my paper-mate double heart pen your information will be greatly appreciated as i have had this pen since the 1980
    Thank you so much
    Henry M

  3. The refill in my papermate has got NEO written on it and the pen itself is silver and about 15-20 years old Although I have had refills in the past I don”t seem to be able to find one this time. Can you help?

  4. Really interesting but as yet, not answered my question.
    Please may you recommend a replacement refill for my Papermate circa1978
    Currently, PAPERMATE PowerPoint DIN1655420.

    Your reply would help me enormously.
    Thanks, kindest regards, Mo xxx


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