Uni Clipturn MSE 800 Multi Functional Pen & Pencil – Review

A Multi-functional pen/pencil is likely to come in handy if you are one of those people that is always on the go yet needs a pen to hand, maybe you need to correct papers in a different colour or make notes that can be erased.


Uni MSE 800 Clipturn

The Uni Clipturn MSE 800 Multi-function Pen & Pencil has black & red ballpoints & a mechanical pencil. The ballpoints have 0.7mm tips whilst the pencil uses 0.5mm leads, the eraser beneath the end cap is a useful addition. The clip on this multi pen will turn a full 360° enabling it to be fixed at any angle you like. There is also an eyelet should you want to attach a cord. The Clipturn can be refilled with Uni S7-L & standard 0.5mm leads.

How does it work?
This is a pen of the chunky variety, the barrel has a large black rubberised grip with a section in the middle that makes the changes, the rest is a metallic silver colour. It is easy to make your selection, simply twist the middle section whilst holding the silver area above the grip then line up the red notch with the black, red or 0.5mm text. To retract the nib just align with one of the black horizontal lines.

Writing experience
I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively fine line that the Clipturn left on the page, even though I knew it had a 0.7mm tip its appearance gave me the impression it would be wider somehow. This smooth writer was comfortable to use & the large grip meant that it was easy to write for long periods without tiring.

How to refill
Holding the centre of the pen simply twist the barrel clockwise & unscrew. I found I needed to pull the refill harder than expected which made me worry I’d damage the pen. This was probably made worse as I can be heavy handed & had read that some users complained about breakages. I needn’t have worried as I found this multi pen to be pretty durable.

When it came to replacing the refill that was a little fiddly but once I’d located the small holes a firm push was all that was required to secure it in place.

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  1. I have one of these pens, being something of an addict to multipens.

    You explain how to change the ink refill, which is helpful. What about the pencil lead? Is it possible only to “muzzle-load” this and have only one lead at a time?

    More generally, are there any multipens that can store leads for future use?


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