Zebra Pens Launch their New 4th Generation Super Smooth Emulsion Ink

Zebra Pens the Japanese manufacturer of writing instruments have just launched there 4th generation of ink which is an emulsion ink. They say that it is, “the perfect balance of oil and water” and that with emulsion ink you will:

“Experience writing like never before. The revolutionary combination of oil, water and pigment delivers the smoothest writing experience ever.”

Zebra Z Mulsion Ex BP Black

If it lives up to their bold claims then this could be one of the best inks to come out of Japan since Pilot Pens introduced their ground-breaking erasable Frixion ink. Sure other companies had already made erasable ink but there was nothing as technologically advanced as Pilot Frixion ink.

Emulsion ink is a hybrid ink combining oil, water and pigment although hybrid ink is not new Zebra Japan says that:

“none of the formulations have produced the full emulsion ink properties now offered in the emulsion refill from Zebra Japan.”


Properties of the New Zebra Emulsion Ink:

  • Super Smooth Ink Glide
  • Quicker Drying Time
  • Light Writing Pressure
  • Dense Rich Ink Colour
  • Anti Fade Out
  • Document Safe

Two new pens have been brought out that contain emulsion ink, the Zebra Z-Mulsion pen which has a 1.0mm tip and is available in black, blue & red ink.  The other is the Zebra Z-Mulsion EX again it has a 1.0mm tip but is available in eight ink colours.

However we understand that only the Zebra Z-Mulsion Ex will be available in the UK in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Violet
  • Light Blue

Editors  Update 2019 It is believed that the Zebra Suari range of pens now contains emulsion ink.

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