Edding 1800 profipen 0.3 – Review

Edding have been renowned for their marker expertise for over 50 years. Assuming the role of problem solvers & innovators, providing products for all requirements.

Edding 1800 Fineline 03 Blue

The edding 1800 profipen is a high-tech fibrepen. It looks like it’s ready for work, with a relatively slim blue barrel & a red panel displaying the logo, nothing complicated just practical & business like. This pen has a long tip with a metal-frame around it which provides protection & makes it ideal for use with stencils & templates as well as technical drawings.

As with any pen, they are only as good as the ink inside them, I can think of nothing more annoying than picking up a cool looking pen only to find its performance leaves a lot to be desired. As I didn’t have a stencil to hand, I could only “road test” the profipen by writing. The fine 0.3mm tip writes a 0.35mm line & the blue ink had a nice turquoise hue to it. The writing experience was comfortable, even though the grip section doesn’t have my preferred padding, just a ridge that prevents the fingers slipping along the barrel.

The pigment ink is lightfast, no fading into the background for this edding, is also resistant to water. A stainless steel clip extends to the top of the cap & surrounds the nib size stamp, it is sturdy if a little on the short side.

The profipen is also available in black, green & red with 4 different nib sizes, targeted at the professional market, although I’m sure would be suited to any detailed work & some apparently use it for sketching.

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