Do You Know This Unidentified Fountain Pen?

There was a time in America when fountain pens were so ubiquitous they showed up as props in cartoons for kids. With that in mind, here’s one for your fountain pen buffs.

A member on the Badger & Blade forum posted a clip from a 1941 cartoon called “Mr. Bug Goes to Town.” In the clip, one of the bugs hides inside what looks like a red lacquer fountain pen. RaiderSix wants to know whether anyone recognizes the unidentified fountain pen.

(The pen makes its appearance about 47 seconds in.)

So far, no one has definitively identified the pen. One person thought it might be an Esterbrook, another said it resembled a Parker Duofold, somebody else thought it had Sheaffer characteristics. Probably just a generic fountain pen, a few concluded.

So, we put it to you…is this a specific fountain pen, and if so, do you know what kind it is? We might be able to scare up a little gift for the person who can solve the mystery.

And just for giggles, here’s Mickey Mouse using a generic lever filler as a machine gun.

(At 5:27)

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