The Ultimate Guide to David Oscarson Pen Refills

Are you unsure which refill you need for your David Oscarson pen?

This ultimate David Oscarson refill guide shows you every refill that David Oscarson makes for their pens, which pens they fit, and alternatives from other brands where available.

The guide includes ballpoint pen refills, rollerball pen refills, fountain pen ink cartridges, bottled ink, and ink converters.

1. About David Oscarson

David Oscarson is a multi-award-winning designer who has been creating Luxury ballpoint, fountain pens, and rollerball pens for over 20 years.

He launched his first collection of pens in 2000, with the Henrik Wigstrom Trophy pen collection.

Today he has over 35 collections of luxury writing instruments. So if you are thinking of buying a David Oscarson pen, then you will need deep pockets to give you an idea. For example, a David Oscarson Tessla fountain pen will set you back a cool $6400.

2. David Oscarson Ballpoint Pen Refills

David Oscarson is famous for its luxury fountain pens, and they do not make as many ballpoint pens.

However, the good news is that all David Oscarson ballpoint pens take a standard size “Parker Style” G2 refill.

Many different manufacturers make G2 refills with different colors and tip sizes. And this means there is no shortage of other refills that will fit your David Oscarso ballpoint pen.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Parker Style G2 Refills to see over 35 refills from all the leading pen manufacturers.

Schmidt P900 Refills

Schmidt P900 Ballpoint Pen Refill

Buy Parker Style G2 Refills on Amazon

I am not sure who makes the refills for the David Oscarson ballpoint pens, but in all likelihood, it is probably The specialist German refill manufacturer Schmidt Technologies.

If you have a David Oscarson ballpoint pen, I would love to see a photo of its refill.

Many of the world’s luxury pen brands use Schmidt refills in pens due to their high quality and smooth writing performance.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Schmidt Refills for more information.

3. David Oscarson Rollerball Pen Refills

Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller Refill 5888 M

Buy Schmidt 5888M Refills on Amazon

David Oscarson rollerball pens take a standard-size Euro format refill, probably a Schmidt 5888 Safety Ceramic Roller refill used by many of the top luxury pen manufacturers in their rollerball pens.

Schmidt 5888 Refills are available in the following colors and sizes.

  • Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller Refill 5888 F – black, blue, red, or green ink
  • Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller Refill 5888 M – black, blue, red, green, magenta, turquoise, violet, light-green, pink, and orange
  • Schmidt Safety Ceramic Roller Refill 5888 B – black or blue ink

Schmidt also makes a cheaper version with a plastic barrel, the Schmidt 888 F, M, B refill.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Euro Format Refills for more information on this type of refill.

4. David Oscarson Fountain Pen Refills

David Oscarson fountain pens take the short international standard size ink cartridges. When you buy a new David Oscarson fountain pen, it will have either an ink converter or an eye dropper that allows you to refill the fountain pen with ink from a bottle.

5. Where Can I Buy Cheap David Oscarson Pen Refills?

If you want to save money and buy cheap David Oscarson refills, then Amazon is probably as good as anywhere. Many other online stores will sell them, but they struggle to compete with Amazon on prices and postal costs.

Don’t forget you can save money on buying David Oscarson refills by searching Amazon for one of the refills listed in this guide.

If you have a pen from a different manufacturer, check out Pen Brands Refill Guides, where there is a complete list of our in-depth refill guides for each manufacturer.

For more information about the different types of pen refills, check out our Ultimate Pen Refill Guide.

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